Space Crap Zero
Game - Manual

In-Game Screen
The Cover

Space Crap Zero: Attack Of Purple Balls
A C64 game by Piti Productions
in association with Papposoft Ltd.

The story behind SPACE CRAP ZERO

This project began as an apocryphal prequel to Space Crap - The Curse of the Yellow Ball. Being a huge fan of Rob Nicoletti's minimalistic masterpiece, Piti AKA The Tombkeeper -who at the time had just released Tomb of Dracula 64- decided to secretly code his own SC title. When the main routines were almost ready Piti finally contacted Rob and showed him a beta version. Rob was quite happy with the news; in fact, he not only authorized the release but also accepted to draw an intro picture for it. After that Piti asked some help from Richard Bayliss, who kindly added sound and music to the rather silent first version. At that point the game had become an official installment of the Crap saga. iAN CooG did some betatesting work but due to-- ahem--unknowns reasons he decided no to join the development team this time.

Space Crap Zero - Attack of the Purple Balls was officially launched in February 2004. The game recieved a wide range of reactions from the C64 community, both positive and very negative. Qazi applauded the effort from his controversial 'Scene Review' corner; Lasse, of Metal Warrior fame, defined it as an "addictive and surprisingly evil game"; Jason of Cosine said it was "a reasonably playable little game"; 'Game Over(view)' completely despised the game (and missed the whole point) giving it a miserable score: 32%.



One year after the original release, and while we work on the final installment of the Space Crap Saga (Space Crap 2 - The Revenge of Krazar) we have decided to relaunch the game from the Papposoft Headquarters. This time we have included a manual and a cover scan for the collectors out there-- So this is your chance to rediscover this amazing and sadly neglected piece of software. Have fun with it (if you can) and may the Crap be with you!
(Text by Piti)