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qgame intro screen

qgame ingame screen
In-Game Screens

Game info: qgame is a c64 porting from a puzzle game originally released on cell phone sonyericsson t68i, software version r8a015.

Aim of the game is to pot each ball according to their colours. go through 60 levels of increased difficulty in order to complete the game.

On every completion of a level you will be given a password for a quick restart in case you stop playing and want to continue later. last level gives you an animated end sequence as an additional reward for your efforts.

Title Screen Controls:
to select any level, excluding first which has no password, you have to set its number with the [+] or [-] buttons and compose its password using the alphabet on the lower part of the screen. the letter you're about to input it's indicated with an arrow. If the password does not match the selected level, you get a "BAD!" flashing message and you have to type it again.

Ingame controls:
use the joystick in port 2 to select the ball you wish to throw. press fire then move the joystick to choose a direction.
QUIT: back to the intro screen
REDO: restart the current level
UNDO: undo last move.

The Commodore 64 game emulated on a Pocket PC and the original on Mobile Phone.