Pick Up Sticks

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pick up sticks ingame
In-Game Screen

Pick Up Sticks is the best game ever do, as title-screen claims.
This is the first computer-version of this game and if God wish the last one too.

Instructions: Collect all the Sticks on the table and put them all into the
tray before time is over. Each stick scores 100, 200, 300 etc Points.
If you pick up a stick when it is under another stick you will be penalized
by loosing more time. There are 9 levels: try to beat them all.

Story: It's hard to play Shangai during an heartquake, in particular if you
are affected by St. Vitus dance. Last winter was a cold one so there are
only few sticks left.

This game was aka "I Play 3D Shangai" (Shangai is the italian name for "Pick Up Sticks".